How to Choose a Digital Voice Recorder

When it comes to electronic shopping, you start out with an idea, wade through millions of different options and models and end up with something you don't quite understand why you brought it in the first place. And this scenario happens with most gadgets, let them be tablet PCs and laptops or wireless headphones. What about the simple voice recorder? What started out as a box-like recording machine is now a pen or lighter-sized device, that can record audio and store it in a digital format. But in the sea of brands, prices and tech specs, how to choose a digital voice recorder that best suits your recording needs? Let's find out...

How to Select a Digital Voice Recorder?
To choose the best digital voice recorder, you need to be well-versed with what tech features the best voice recorder should possess. Below are some factors of a voice recorder that you should check out:

Recording Time and Quality
There is a hidden catch with recording quality, the longer you get to record something, the lower the audio quality. So if you record a 15 minute speech, the quality subsequently is very low. On the other hand, a 3 minute dialog can be recorded and played back at a very high quality. So the face-off is quality vs. quantity and the result is based on your needs. If you want long recordings and can do with low quality audio, then opt for longer recording duration. But if your recordings need to be used in meetings, presentations and products, and you cannot use low quality audio, then look for the longest recording duration with sound quality. Even transcribing audio-to-text requires a good recording quality. Some recorders allow you to select the level of recording quality, so you can fluctuate between high and low-level recording ability as needed. To increase the quality of your recordings, buy a recorder with an external microphone jack, so you can connect a microphone to the recorder and pick up high quality audio. For large gatherings and meetings, where a lot of noise is present, a microphone can enhance the recording's quality.

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