Xbox 360 Red Ring Meanings

The Xbox 360 is one of the world's best-selling consoles. With a high quality graphics delivery, amazing and captivating gameplay and gazillions of game titles, every gamer's dream machine is easily this console. Unfortunately, particular errors in the form of flashing red lights, are an Xbox 360 owner's nightmare. In this article, we analyze the Xbox 360 red ring meanings in detail, to find out the cause behind such flashing lights. 
Red Flashing Light Meanings
The light indicator on the Xbox 360 is circular, with 4 main quadrants, situated around the power button. The power button which turns green when the console is turned on. When the system is completely on and functioning normally, based on the number of attached controllers, the quadrants will turn green. The trouble starts when they turn red. There are different Xbox 360 red ring meanings, based on number of quadrants and which quadrants have turned red. They are the following:
One Quadrant is Red
Sometimes the message "System Error. Contact Xbox Customer Support." appears. An error code will appear in the customary "Exx" format. For example, E74 is an error code, which occurs when the lower-right quadrant specifically is flashing red. E74 code means the scaler chip (sends Xbox signal to TV) has failed and it needs professional expertise to repair it. The warranty for such a code is 3 years from the purchase date. If your console comes under the warranty, contact the Xbox 360 support or visit the official site to register a complaint. A company representative should get in touch with you. If your console's warranty has expired, then you will be charged a fee for its repair.

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