Branches of Science

Science is referred to as a system of objective knowledge obtained through deep researches done by the human being. Science is applied in every field and every aspect of life. With the help of scientific inventions and techniques, we have got all the latest facilities and high living standards. It's the science, with the help of which human being has reached beyond the space and stepped on the Moon and sent a spacecraft to Mars. There are a number of branches of science, out of which earth science, physical science and life science are the major branches. These three are considered as pure sciences. Other branches of science such as engineering, technology are associated with the practical application of result of scientific activity.
The physical science is associated with the nature and behavior of energy and matter. Physics includes the study of time, light and gravity. Chemistry deals with the properties, composition, structure and reactions of the matter. Astronomy involves the study of the universe beyond the earth. The earth science that involves the study of structure and composition of the earth includes different branches such as geology, oceanography, meteorology, paleontology, etc. Life science is also known as biology, which deals with the study of evolution, development, distribution, structure, origin and function of the living things. It is categorized into different branches such as botany, genetics, zoology, medicine, etc.

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