GPS Units for Cars

It was one of those late nights and Maria was returning from work. She had had a hectic day and was dying to relax in the comfort of her new apartment. After taking a few winding turns, she realized that she was nowhere near home. But she did not panic. She had recently installed one of the new GPS units and that helped her reach home without much hassle.The above-mentioned scenario is not uncommon and could happen to anyone. In such situations, a GPS unit can come to your rescue. Whether you are going for a road trip to a distant place, have a bad sense of direction, are on a safari for hunting or just in an unfamiliar city, all you need is a GPS navigation unit as your friend and guide (pun intended!). For those of you who do not know what is a GPS, here is the answer.
The extended form of GPS is global positioning system. It was originally developed for the defense forces but now it is extensively used as a tracking system for cars and other objects. The GPS real time tracking system is satellite network based and gives the information related to the exact location or position of the objects on a real time basis.

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