Ringback Tones for iPhone

While most of you are aware of how to get ringtones for the Apple iPhone from the Apple store, there seems to be substantial confusion regarding how to get ringback tones for iPhone. Also, new users of cell phones get confused about how are ringback tones different from ringtones. This article is intended to clear out the confusion if any and provide simple guidelines on how to get hold of ringback tones for your Apple iPhone.With smart phones like Apple iPhone on the market, the difference between a cell phone, an MP3 player, PDAs and hand held computers is getting blurred. These are more than just phones. People can listen to music, watch videos, surf the web and do much more. With the recent Apple iPhone apps released, the versatility of the device has been taken to a new level. Music sharing was never so easier. With ringtones and ringback tones, you can listen and let others listen to your favorite music. 
About Ringback Tones
In case any of you are not sure what ringback tones or answer tones are, let me explain that, before I talk about ringback tones for iPhone. When you get a call, the tune that you listen to is the ringtone. Gone are the days of digital tones and the monotonous 'tring' tone, that was standard for every phone. Now you can set polyphonic ringtones and even your own recorded song or voice as a ringtone. A ringback tone is what your callers hear when they are waiting for you to pick up a connected call. This ringback tone can be set to be any tune of your choice. Your callers are entertained while you take that call.
There is one important difference between getting ringtones for iPhone and ringback tones for the same. While ringtones can be set by you on your own, on the phone, ringback tones can't be. They need to be set up by the wireless telephone company that you are subscribed to. It is because the ringback tone is played by the service provider for the callers and it doesn't play from your own phone. Same is the case with your Apple iPhone. While it is easy to set up ringtones for iPhone, if you want to set up ringback tones, you must buy the tone from the company. In case of iPhone, you will have to find out how to set up ringback tones for AT&T, Verizon and Sprint, as they are the only service providers which offer the locked iPhone at subsidized rates. Refer information presented in the following lines, according to the carrier you are subscribed to.

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