LCD vs LED TV Lifespan

Flat screen HDTVs have become very common in the consumer electronics market today, but they do cost a pretty penny. When one is shelling out a few thousand dollars for a television set, then one needs to know everything possible about the technology used, before making the purchase. LCD TVs and LED TVs are perhaps the most popular HDTVs in the market today, but there are some major differences between the technologies that are incorporated in both of them. As a result of this, the lifespan of each of these TV sets is very different, and there are many people, for whom, this is a decisive factor.
For a certain group of people, the purchase of a TV is something that happens once in a decade. For such people, the lifespan of the TV set is far more important than any other factor, because they just want the TV set to last as long as possible. The picture output on an LCD TV and an LED TV is great in its own right, but for these people, this parameter is not important at all, and they are more concerned with how long the TV is actually going to function for them. Now, let us have a look at an LCD vs LED TV lifespan.

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