Throw Away Cell Phones

Today's society is made up of a consumer market for disposable stuff. You have disposable plates, disposable glasses, disposable batteries, disposable bulbs, disposable cameras, etc. Probably the only thing that was lacking in this list was a disposable cell phone. Well, this need too, has been fulfilled with the arrival of throw away cell phones. All you need to do is visit the nearest supermarket, like Walmart, and get yourself a prepaid throw away cell phone at throw away prices! Don't you wanna know what are throw away cell phones, that have become one of the most talked about telecommunication device? I am sure you do, let's try to clear all your doubts regarding disposable cell phones.
What are Throw Away Cell Phones?
Disposable cell phones, as they are popularly known, are made of a durable plastic casing that has rubber keys. These phones have no screen and therefore one does not receive or is able to send SMS. These phones have a applaudable sound output that makes these phones worth every buck. These phones lack screen, thus, when you dial a number, you will hear a female voice calling out the numbers for you. These phones just have a single ringtone and the battery life is about 4 hours. This is quite commendable as it lasts for 4 hours of continuous use and can hold its charge for about 150 hours.

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