Temperate Forest Biome

The temperate forest biome, as its name suggests, is located in the temperate regions of the world i.e. the 'northern temperate zone' and the 'southern temperate zone' on the planet. It spans across the continents of North America, Europe and Asia in the northern hemisphere of the planet, and covers a significant portion of the South America and Australia in the southern hemisphere. Even with such vast expanse, temperate forest biome is not really as popular as the other biomes of the world, such as the rainforest biome or the tundra biome; and that is quite surprising considering that it is quite rich in terms of biodiversity.
Facts about Temperate Forest Biome
In a broad sense, the temperate forests are categorized into temperate deciduous forests, temperate broadleaf and mixed forests, temperate coniferous forest and temperate rainforests. Discussed below are the general details of each of these temperate forest types found across the world.
Temperate Deciduous Forest
Also referred to as the temperate broadleaf forest or temperate broadleaved forest, temperate deciduous forests are typically characterized by the presence of trees which lose their leaves every year as a part of survival adaptations. As with the other temperate forest types, even temperate forests have a temperate climate, with maximum temperature reaching 90°Fahrenheit in summer and 55°Fahrenheit in winter, and an annual precipitation of 35 to 60 inches. Other than the ability to shed their leaves and minimize transpiration, specially modified leaves which absorb sunlight as well as water help plants survive in the temperate deciduous forests. Species like oak, maple, elm, etc., are found in abundance in these forests.

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