How to Update Android OS

Quick, which is the most popular operating system for mobiles and tablet PC's? Even a five year old will answer this easy-peasy question, it's the Android OS, represented by the little green alien looking thingi. The Android OS entered the mobile OS sphere and things have never been the same. And the Android OS platform just keeps getting better and better, with bugs and errors being fixed and lots of user-friendly features being added with every new release. The current and latest version is the Android 2.3 or Gingerbread but everyone is looking out for the new 2011 Android update, Ice Cream Sandwich. So, whether you are stuck in the caveman era with an Android version of 2.1 on your phone or gearing up for the Ice Cream Sandwich, below is an easy "how to update Android OS" explanation to make the process of upgrading, a piece of cake (or a piece of ice cream sandwich)

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