Things We Can Do To Stop Global Warming

Global warming is caused due to the rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that embraces the radiated heat and stores it, increasing the overall global temperatures to dangerous levels. The rising temperatures have caused the glaciers to melt, thus causing an increase in the sea level. Unpredictable weather and a strange change in climate patterns are also some of the effects of global warming. In fact, according to a recent study, over the past three decades our planet is said to be shrinking at a faster rate. Extreme climatic conditions like drought in some parts of the world while heavy rains in some others and record heat waves in most of the parts have send an alarming message to stop global warming. It is not that we are not trying to curb global warming; the governments of various countries and the UN (United Nations) have already started with their efforts to address the problem of global warming. They are doing their bit, and its time for us to address this sensitive problem on a personal level. Given below are a few things we can do to stop global warming.

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