How Does a Rotary Phase Converter Work

A rotary phase converter may be defined as a device that helps an instrument or a technical equipment to run on a single-phase power. This device can be used to run original three phase equipment on a single phase power. To explain the dynamics of the same, a rotary phase converter produces a three-phase power from a single-phase power source. Thus, what the rotary phase converter does is to add a third source of power to the existing two power sources so that a three-phase power supply is generated.
Why You Must Use a Rotary Phase Converter
Rotary phase converters use a three-phase source of power with a power check correction factor, making the rotary-phase converter a safe and secure bet in providing energy. A rotary phase converter is made effective through equipping it with an efficient kick start capacity. The rotary phase converter can be employed at locations that do not have 3 phase service provided in the area. Electric companies may provide a 3-phase service, however the charges may not prove to be cost effective. The average cost may range anywhere between $30,000 to $90,000 to cover 1 mile with costs for internal wiring distribution costs. A rotary phase converter can thus, be considered an economical avenue as it does not require a 3-phase service set up to be installed. A single phase circuit installation is all that is required. It is very important that you consider the longevity factor before you purchase the rotary phase converter which provides for efficient start-up capabilities. It must also be equipped well to convert the single-phase power to three phase power sources. Before you decide on a rotary converter, check if the rotary phase converter is providing equal and well balanced power. If, however the power distribution is not even the equipment can sustain damage while working.
Types of Phase Converters
There are various types of phase converters. Digital phase converters and static phase converters are the other two types of converters apart from the rotary phase converter. The phase converters are suitable for various purposes. Static phase converters are used to give an efficient start up current to an engine whereas, rotary phase converters are employed to change single phase power to three phase power. This is not meant to deliver start up power to engines but is used in regulating large machinery. In this section we concentrate on the working of the rotary phase converter.

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