Best Android Games 2011

Virtual reality can be a great place to take refuge in, when boredom takes over your life. Thanks to newly launched smart phones, you don't need a gaming console to access take time off and enjoy some gaming. If you use an Android phone like Droid X, you have thousands of games apps to choose from. In this Buzzle article, I have put together the best Android games (2011) for you. The games have been classified, according to various categories from arcade to sports games.Launched towards the end of 2008, the Android OS extends the dominion of Linux, over to the mobile phone platform. Developed by Google and Open Handset Alliance members, today Android is the most popular mobile phone operating system in the world with 31.2% of market share in US alone. One of the prime reasons for the popularity of this platform are the more than 150,000 Android apps released by developers worldwide. There is something for everyone amongst these apps, including thousands of games!
Best Android Games
To put together a collection of the best Android Apps (2011), would have been simpler than providing a games compilation. That is because of the sheer number of games apps launched on the Android Market platform. There are a range of games you can choose from. Some are made available for a free download, while some are paid ones. Here are the best games, from every category on the Android Market website.
Best Android Arcade & Action Games (2011)
Here are the best arcade and action games made available on the Android Market. My personal favorites are Robo Defense, Angry Birds and Air Attack HD.
    * Guerrilla Bob
    * Vendetta Online
    * Robo Defense
    * Armored Strike Online
    * Tower Raiders GOLD
    * Gensoid
    * MiniSquadron
    * AirAttack HD
    * Atomic Bomber Full
    * GBCoid
    * Samurai II: Vengeance
    * Fruit Ninja THD
    * Doodle Jump
    * SNesoid
    * HexDefense
    * GameBoid
    * Fishin' 2 Go (FULL)
    * Glow Hockey
    * Labyrinth Lite
    * Angry Birds
    * Falldown Classic
    * Tank Hero
    * Finger Bowling
    * Stupid Zombies
    * Hungry Shark Free!
    * Mole!Mole!!Mole!!
    * Crazy Snowboard
    * aTilt 3D Labyrinth Free
    * Speedx 3D free&full
    * Bubble Buster
    * Star Traders RPG Elite
    * Pool Break Pro
    * Winds of Steel
    * Farm Frenzy
    * Caligo Chaser
    * Steambirds

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