How to Trace a Mobile Number

Being able to trace a mobile number on a map in real time seems to be stuff right out of a spy movie, doesn't it? What was once a technology exclusively available to the armed forces and other government agencies, is now available to the common man. GPS enabled phones can be easily traced using the right software. In this Buzzle article, I will show you how to trace a mobile number using GPS software.
About Mobile Phone Tracking
A good question to ask is how does GPS mobile phone number tracking work. It is all made possible due to GPS chips installed in all GPS enabled phones. These chips receive signals from the cellular network, from different points and this information can be used to mathematically determine the location of the cell phone. To provide the location of information, the phone needs to be fitted with a special software, which can send information to a remote web server, from where the location can be traced on your computer.There are many free GPS cell phone tracking software programs available out there, which can do this job for you. Of course, you cannot trace anybody's phone without their consent as it requires the running of a software program on their phone. Most of these programs work like social networking sites, whereby the friends you 'add' using the program, display their map location to you. I introduce you to three such programs in the following lines.
How to Trace a Mobile Number Using GPS Software?
The integration of 3G wireless Internet on your mobile phone and GPS services provide two ways of tracing mobile phones. There are applications which can trace even non GPS enabled phones quite easily. Here are four options explaining how to trace a mobile number.

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