Microsoft Launches Internet Explorer 9 at SXSW

Treamlined Design
The new interface is sexy and puts it's emphasis on the internet browsing experience as oppsed to the large search tools and boxes we find on earlier versions of Internet Explorer. Fear not, however! If you are a fan of the "old" interface, Microsoft gives you the option of restoring those features with a simple right-click funtionality.
Pinned Sites
For sites that you visit frequently, all you need to do is click the icon to the left of the website address and drag it to the task bar. Faster means better productivity and better social networking.
Download Manager
Microsoft, ever the target for viruses and hackers looking to steal your information, has implemented a great new feature into IE9. The new download manager not only lets you pause and restart downloads, it also notifies you of possibly malicious programs looking to hijack your computer.

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