DLP Projector Reviews

DLP stands for Digital Light Processing, and this is a technology that is commonly used in some TV sets and projectors today. The concept is a trademark that is owned by Texas Instruments (TI), and the projectors that use DLP technology can show high quality video content on a screen between 150 and 200 inches.Before we get into some DLP projector reviews, you should know a little bit more about the technology that is made use of. The reflective chips inside regular LCD projectors make the light pass through them, but in the case of DLP projectors the light reflects off these chips. This results in a situation where the mirrors of the chips can be placed closer together on a semiconductor chip, and this improves the quality of the picture. The semiconductor chips in projectors are known as Digital Micromirror Devices (DMD).
You can then choose between a single-chip projector or a three-chip projector. Single-chip projectors use light sources like lasers for producing primary colors, or alternately use a white lamp that is placed between the chip and the DLP lamp. Three-chip projectors, on the other hand, use a prism to split the light, and then route each primary color back to a DLP chip, so they are better suited for projectors that are used in large areas or for the high-end best DLP projectors. When people start comparing DLP vs LCD projectors, there are many advantages that can be seen but the better color output of DLP projectors is a definite advantage.

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