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Kindle covers are very much in demand as these not only protect your e-book reader from scratches and bruises, but also help you in making a style statement. Amazon, whose Kindle 3 went on to become a bestseller, launched some cool Kindle covers for every kind of user. These Kindle covers were very popular and in no time, various other companies also launched Kindle covers of all shapes and sizes in the market. With so many Kindle covers in the market, people are finding it hard to choose a Kindle case which will compliment their stylish e-book reader. In this article, we will take a look at some of the well-known names in Kindle case market.
Best Kindle Covers
The price range of covers for Kindle is between a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. Let Let us check out some of the best covers for Kindle available in the market.
* Amazon's Kindle Covers: Amazon's lighted leather Kindle covers are stylish and affordable. These are designed to offer optimal protection to your Kindle. The most important thing to look out for these two latest generation Kindle covers is the patent-pending hinge. These Kindle covers are available in seven colors and come with a microfiber gray interior to keep your Kindle safe from dust. The lighted Kindle costs around $60, whereas the standard Kindle cover is around $35. The innovative lighted Kindle case has become an instant hit with the readers. Keeping in mind the needs of today's readers, Kindle's lighted leather cover comes with a in-built illumination so that you can read even if the place is poorly lit. The leather cover does not make the Kindle too bulky and most importantly it draws power from Kindle's internal battery. So, no need to worry about buying or replacing batteries. Amazon's Kindle 3 covers and cases are a good investment as far as protecting your e-book reader is concerned.
* M-Edge Kindle Covers: One look at M-edge Kindle covers and you would simply be bowled over by their beautiful designs. These Kindle covers are designed for people who don't mind a little bit of attention! Most of the M-edge covers are fairly lightweight and provide maximum security to the e-book reader. Some of the most popular M-Edge Kindle covers are M-Edge Leisure, M-Edge Halsea and M-Edge Platform. Except M-Edge Platform, the other two M-Edge Kindle covers mentioned above use materials like nylon to protect the e-book reader from rain, etc. One of the best Kindle covers in the market, these cost anywhere between $30 to $60.
* Oberon Kindle Covers: Oberon, specializes in designing leather goods, iPad covers, organizers, handbags, etc. Well, as far as Kindle covers are concerned, they surely don't disappoint. The leather that they use is avant-grade and Britannia pewter buttons add to its beauty. Some of the most popular Oberon Kindle covers are Tree of Life Kindle 3 cover, Van Gogh's Sky Kindle 3 cover and Sky Dragon Kindle 3 cover. The price of these Kindle 3 cases is around $70.

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