How to Delete Apps on iPod Touch

One of the hottest application development platforms right now is the one provided by launch of Apple iPhone, Apple iPad and Apple iPod. With hundreds of applications being added every month to the Apple Store, it is quite tempting to buy and install the ones you find interesting. However, as it mostly happens, more than half of the iPod Touch apps or iPhone apps are never used and simply eat up the storage space. Some of the applications may run on start up and even bring down the performance speed of the device, down to a crawl. Now I am sure you don't want that to happen. You need to know how to delete apps on iPod Touch 4G or the earlier versions, if you plan to remove the apps that are rarely used. This frees up some extra space on your Apple iPod Touch, which you can use to store other apps or music. The aim of writing this Buzzle article is to walk you through how to delete apps on iPod Touch that did not load properly or are unwanted.There are more than one ways of deleting iPod Touch apps or removing them temporarily. There may be some games apps which you would like to use, but they take up too much space. Instead of deleting such apps, you might want to remove them from your iPod Touch temporarily and restore them from iTunes installed on your computer.
In the following lines, you will first find an explanation of how to delete applications from an iPod Touch entirely and then we will take a look at how to deactivate some apps temporarily and install them back again when needed.

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