Nook vs Nook Color

here are many entries in the eBook reader market, and the Nook is one of the few pioneer devices around. The Nook Color is a newly released and upgraded version. Don't be fooled by the simple moniker, into thinking it's simply a colored version of the previous one. In this article, take a detailed look at both the Nook and the Nook color, and how they match up in our Nook vs Nook Color debate.
What is a Nook?
The most famous eReader arguably, is the Amazon Kindle, which was released in 2007. Not to be outdone, the American publishing house, Barnes & Noble developed an eReader of their own called the Nook, released in 2009. It has the distinction of being the first Android eBook reader. The Nook has a black and white display, and a smaller color touchscreen below, for navigation and input. There are two small arrow keys on the each side of the device to turn the pages. You can download the eBooks from the Barnes & Noble site, and browse them at leisure on the Nook. It also plays mp3s and displays image files. It has Wi-Fi connectivity, so you can connect to the store through your own wireless network or a free At&T 3G network. The Nook has a "Lend Me" feature, where you can "lend" your eBook to someone else for up to 2 weeks. You can also access your local library eBooks and free Google books, with the ePUB format. The Nook has 2 versions, a Wi-Fi+3G and a Wi-Fi only model. The Nook was anxiously awaited in electronic gadget circles, as a worthy competitor to the Kindle, and Times listed it as one of its "Top 10 Gadgets of 2009". It also won the TechCrunch Best New Gadget Crunchie award for 2009 . But it faced some criticism as well, for certain technical and usability issues. Its page turning speed and screen refresh rate was very slow and sluggish. But thanks to software updates from B&N, the page turning speed improved rapidly, and new features were added such as games (chess, sudoku), pre-order books option, "My Shelves" feature for organizing the user's eBook library and Go-To-Page ability.

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