Best iPod Touch Apps 2011

Apple iPod Touch is one of the remarkable inventions that has changed the way you listen to music. Apple Store is now flooded with over 3,00,000 apps. You can download these applications and install it in your iPod Touch. There is something for everyone. Health conscious individuals can try downloading applications that help count your calorie intake or calculate the alcohol level in your blood after a binge. Those who are into games and entertainment will find some of the best iPod Touch apps 2011 that fulfills their wish. Let us introduce you with some of the top iPod Touch apps 2011 that you should install on your entertainment gadget.
Top iPod Touch Apps 2011
After going through the Apple Store, we have found some of the best iPod Touch apps 2011 just for you. And what's more? We have covered only some of the best free iPod Touch apps 2011 that won't cost you a dime.
Did you ever wish to convert your iPod Touch into a phone? If yes, then your dream may have come true, at least to some extent. You can download Line2 app on your iPod and be able to make calls and even send and receive messages. In order to make this happen you need Wi-Fi connection. After the free trail you can pay a monthly cost of $9.95/month and make unlimited calls from your iPod Touch. And don't worry if you are in a non Wi-Fi zone, Line2 will automatically transfer your calls to a different phone so that you never go out of reach.
You never have to worry about forgetting anything important once you install EverNote. You can save your written notes, voice recordings and even snapshots on this best free iPod Touch apps (2011). This application is able to recognize characters in the photos, posters, business cards, etc. This way all you need to check out search and find what you are looking for in seconds.

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